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THE place for Johnny Depp Graphics

Johnny Depp graphics
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community icon by nailish
1st icon contest winner!

Welcome to the first Johnny Depp graphic community! Of course, there have been communities solely for icons, or for certain types of graphics, but here at depp_graphics you can share any graphics you have made or fan art you have drawn!

Getting down to business: Here are the rules
please read these prior to posting, to keep the community running smoothly, thanks!

01. This is a given, but just in case: All posts MUST be Johnny Depp related! i.e. posts including graphics/fan art of Vanessa, his kids, his movies are accepted
02. The following types of graphics/artwork are accepted: icons, banners, headers, layouts, background images, Johnny pictures that have been edited (even with just text), colorbars, fan art, etc.
03. Remember be nice to users. Constructive Criticism is always allowed, but NEVER put someone down for their work.
04. Requests are allowed. Once you decided to make a request please remember that you are now dealing with the person who has accepted to fulfill your request, treat them kindly, they are helping you.
05. You must place any image that is greater than 300 pixels under and LJ-Cut. Also, you must place multiple graphics under a cut. When posting icons, 1-4 are allowed as teasers, the rest must be placed under a cut. LJ-Cuts are easy just place this in your post...<*lj-cut text=“your lj cut text here”*> images and text under the cut here <*/lj-cut*> (remove the *’s)
06. Never hotlink. Please respect other people’s bandwidths. hotlinking is when you use another persons image URL on your own journal,website, or posts. Please upload images you are using to your own image hosting service, such as Photobucket
07. Promotions are allowed for graphic communities, or Johnny Depp related communities. Promotions MUST be placed under an LJ-Cut entitled “promotion”. Failure to do such with result in your post being deleted.



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